Is SUV better or a MUV? Unraveling some factors that you need to know today!


The debate has been going on for quite some time now. Each of them has had their own share of ups and downs. And each has captured the market every once in a while, only to cede it to the other. The race continues to speed up with neither of them gaining the upper hand (or higher speed). But we will try our level best to try and answer your question as correctly as we can through the medium of this article. Firstly, since you are here, it can be safely assumed that you are looking forward to buying one. Thus, whether you want an SUV or the MUV is the biggest question. The answer lies in some of the features that these models efficiently portray to the buyers. The amalgamation of all qualities makes the car unique!

The Multipurpose or the Sports version of it:

When it comes to purchasing a car, one needs to know that a MUV is a Multi Utility Vehicle, one that can be used for multiple purposes (as the name suggests). It can go around in the city wit decent mileage or take to the highway and fare better than your ordinary car or even take to the off road quite nicely. It has been built as an all-purpose vehicle that can serve the long term and short term needs of the owner. Multiple makers roll out their own versions of it that are aimed at capturing the imagination of the buyer and coming across as the ideal family vehicle.

preference for cars

On the other hand, when it comes to an SUV, it is a Sports Utility Vehicle. In that regard, it has been specially designed to submit to the demands of rough terrain and emerge victorious regardless of the challenges that it faces. Be it city streets or rugged terrains it walks the surface with the same power. This means that though you stand to gain on power and looks but will lose out on efficiency and mileage. They have been built to make off-road travels as easy and enjoyable as possible. Those who want something more out of their vehicles apart from just utility go for this one.

The preference for cars:

When buying an SUV or a MUV, it all boils down to your preference. What you need is and how you plan to target it is all that matters. You must check out all the facilities that the cars provide to you. In addition to that, the various model numbers and their appearance also matters. Thus, you have to be careful when understanding the steps to buy an SUV or a MUV!