Hifu vs Facelifts

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Hifu (High-intensity focused ultrasound)is a very recent cosmetic procedure for tightening of the skin that some people deem a painless and non-invasive substitute for facelifts. It utilizes ultrasound power that encourages collagen production. It yields firmer skin. hifu treatment singapore is widely recognized for its usage in dealing with tumors. The first recorded usage of HIFU for was in the year 2008.

HIFU was certified by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the year 2009 for lifting brows.The tool was again approved by them in the year 2014 for improving wrinkles and fine lines of the neckline and d├ęcolletage.

Many clinical trials found HIFU as an effective and safe treatment for face lifts and to reduce wrinkles. People could see visible results in a matter of months soon after the procedure, without any risks related to the surgery.

The technique is used for face lifting, facial rejuvenation,tightening, and also body contouring. All these are deemed off-label uses of HIFU, which means FDA has not approved HIFU for any of these purposes.

More facts are required to know the best suited candidates for this kind of procedure. So far, it is found as a favorable procedure that can substitute face lifts, primarily in young people who may not want the perils. Also there is no recovery time attributed to this surgery.

HIFU will not work so well for candidates with more drastic issues of sagging and drooping skin.

HIFU has a lot of aesthetic benefits. A few of the are listed below.

  • Reduction of wrinkles
  • tightening skin that is loose around the neck
  • Eyebrow, eyelid and cheek lifting
  • Giving the jawline more definition
  • D├ęcolletage tightening and
  • smoothening the skin

HIFU is deemed an effective, noninvasive and safe method for facial skin tightening.

Its benefits over a face lift invariably are difficult to deny. There is no scarring, no incisions and no recovery time. Moreover, HIFU is less costly than a surgical face lift.