Everything you need to know about ULC in Singapore.

It is a fact that in every country you will find various schools to learn English. Well, similar is the case in Singapore. However, one of the schools that is among the top ones is ULC which stands for United Language Center. ULC offers different courses for different people to learn English in a fun and interesting manner. They also offer one on one English lessons that make them more famous. They also have teachers that are highly qualified and are friendly as well.

Courses that ULC offers

Speaking of the different courses they offer, there are Essential English courses, Private English courses, English for Professionals, and English for kids online. These four courses are designed for different people that know English of different levels.

The essential English course is all about learning English from the basics. It contains different course levels as per the knowledge of English. These are- Beginner, Elementary, Pre Intermediate, Intermediate/Intermediate+, upper-intermediate, and Advance.

Private lessons happen one on one, which means that you can study privately with the teacher and not among other students.

English for professionals is specially designed for professional people and employees for a company. If any person is not able to speak fluent English during a meeting, then this can be the option.

English for kids online is the classes for kids only. For this, the team takes a test to understand the level and then begins with the classes accordingly online.