What to Remember When Ordering Cake Deliveries

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If you’re getting married and need to order a cake, the bakery will usually have specific requirements that you should know before placing your order. The type of cake can be an important factor — in England, for example, it’s traditional to have a fruit cake. And if you’re ordering outside of where the baker is located, they may ask for an advance deposit and shipping fee. You’ll also want to think about shape (usually round) and flavor — some people prefer vanilla over chocolate or vice versa.

In some cities, there are also restrictions on the size of wedding cakes and the amount of icing and get cake delivery singapore. For example, cakes can be no larger than six inches in diameter. They’re not allowed to use icing because it’s considered too crass — instead, the groom or bride can make the cake float.

The main thing everyone should know is to consider what you’ll need for decorations and how much shipping will cost you. You don’t want to spend more than you had planned without realizing it. Rule number one is: Figure out what you need before you call the bakery to order your cake.

There are often rules and regulations concerning the cake itself. A common practice is to put a 1½ to 2-inch border around the cake, often in gold or silver, and you’re not allowed to fill it in with flowers. Although it’s possible to have any cake, cakes are considered more special if they have a specific flavor — so chocolate or fruit cakes usually top the list.