MMR Boost: Amazing Facts To Know About

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MMR Boost is a type of action where a player popularly known as the booster logs into the other player’s account who is the boostee to play a ranked game. While it is generally accepted that practice intends to improve the Boostee’s MMR. MMR is mainly the abbreviated form of matchmaking rating. Some of the facts about the mmr boost will be discussed in this article.

Some of the procedures that are followed during the MMR boosting

Some of the companies who do MMR boosting, always look at the right data set. They usually do double and triple checking of that data, and also maintain a strong commitment towards accuracy.

  1. They usually start with a deep knowledge of the individual’s play style and performance history.
  2. They normally compare millions of the players’ histories to spot some unusual patterns and behaviors which indicates boosting.
  3. The system is normally double-checked vigorously by the experienced team with very minute detail to eliminate false positives.
  4. Some of the factors they usually look for arerelocation( family moves), Playing from a friend’s computer, the PC cafe and LANs, trying a new challenge. The team usually researches a lot before they can confirm for 100% certainty.

Dota 2 and League-of-Legends

Effect of MMR boosting on games

  1. With the unnatural boosting of  MMRfor a particular player, it is always not possible for them to maintain that required standard. So, this will naturally decrease the game experience of other players present at the same level.
  2. MMR boosting creates a threat to account security.
  3. To earn a high ranking in the league of legends, it requires hard work and commitment of the players. This boosting mainly depreciates the amount of commitment that many of the players make to earn their rightful place among the world’s best players.
  4. In case the MMR boosting is proved, then the player who did that will be suspended for 2 weeks. The player’s honor will drop to zero levels. In the case, if the player is caught two times, then he/she will be permanently banned. In some cases, the player won’t receive the currently earned rewards also.


There are many categories of MMR boost. Also, many companies are offering to buy boosting to increase their level. But it should be considered that only buying these not only decreases the player’s honor among other players. But can also harm the gaming future.