Important aspects before choosing the digital lock

Digital or electronic locks can be installed on almost any door, be it an office, a hotel, an apartment or a house. However, before choosing the right one for your home, it is important that you consider these aspects:

The most recommended types of systems for the home are digital lock for main door with a fingerprint and code reader.

For their part, the least convenient are those that only use the proximity card or keyring system, since there is a risk that these elements will be stolen or lost and that other people will have access to the home. These are widely used in hotels due to the high traffic of people entering and leaving the rooms.

Characteristics of the door, mainly the material and thickness, to verify if the installation and proper functioning of the equipment is possible. In this sense, wooden doors are the most suitable for placing this locking mechanism, thanks to their thickness.

Additionally, you must take into account the type of installation you want, whether it is recessed or superimposed.

Depending on your choice, you will require the doors to be thicker or thinner.

Overlay models are installed above the door , using a back-up latch fixed to the frame.

This style of lock can be placed at the desired height of the door without having to remove the traditional lock. The necessary thickness can be between 25 and 50 mm.

The recessed digital lock is fixed inside the door , so the closure is inside the frame and therefore thicker doors, greater than 35 mm, are needed.

In this case, the traditional lock must be eliminated and replaced by the built-in or embedded digital equipment.