The advanced technology for rivaling the heart disease

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The advanced technology for rivaling the heart disease

Usually, the score is the reflection of the total area related to the calcium that is deposited as well as the calcium density. If the score is mentioned as zero it means that there is no calcium noted in the part of the heart. It mainly suggests the very less chance of having an attack on the heart shortly. If the calcium is seen, it means the higher the level of the score and at the same time signifies the higher risk related to heart disease. Such kind of examination is done by theĀ calcium score in Middletown, NJ

Necessary to calcium score:

There is a significant need to do a calcium scan mainly for the people who are between the age group of 40 to 70. This time check of calcium screening will help to reduce the risk related to heart disease but may not have any kind of symptoms. Certain factors need to be considered for getting the calcium score like-

  • Any case of family history related to heart disease
  • Any smoking habit in the past or the present by the person.
  • Is there any history of the high level of cholesterol, and high level of blood pressure as good diabetes?
  • If the person is overweight.
  • If the person is having an inactive lifestyle.

Other such kinds of non-traditional forms of risk factors always need to be kept in mind to doing the calcium scoring.

The physician or the cardiologist will suggest the test. The person needs to visit CT scanners to use an x-ray. The radiation will be exposed at a low level and there will be no use of any kind of contrast from the dye. However, the procedure is the lady is pregnant. During the time of the scan, the person undergoing calcium score will be placed on the table which moves inside which is a donut in shape. The CT scan which is having high speed can capture multiple images.

How will the results derive?

The physician will review the results that are derived from the CT-based Scanning and will be shared them with the healthcare person. The calcium score will determine helps to arrive at the conclusion based on the individual gender, age as well as ethnicity. If it is found outside part of the heart, these findings also are reported to the health provider.