Get Rid Of Pain -Sciatica Pillow For Sitting

sciatica pillows for sitting

Sciatica is a pain of the sciatic nerve which originates from the buttocks and ends just below the knee. Sciatica is caused if there had been an injury to the nerve or an accident, but these are rare occasions to happen. Today, with lifestyle changes and changes in work practices, many people are suffering from this nerve pain. The major cause is sitting for long hours, like when driving, working, or studying. The pain can be mild or sometimes excruciating. Detecting the pain at the right time can help to preventit from getting any worse.There are sciatica pillows for sitting that can ease your nerve pain and comfort you.

Symptoms of Sciatica

Every other person today is suffering from back pain. While every back pain is not sciatica, it is important to know the symptoms. Some of them include constant pain in the legs, difficulty sitting or standing for long, numbing effect on legs, sometimes feeling of inflammation or a tingling sensation. If you have any of these symptoms, it is time to act.

sciatica pillows for sitting

Risk factors that can cause sciatica

Facing an accident is not the only thing that causes this pain, but other factors can be considered. Some of them include:

  • Increasing age
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Bad sitting posture

Prevention and Treatment

But before finding a perfect pillow, you need to consider some of the things. They are:

  • Finding a firm surface

Before using a pillow, you should take a look at your sleeping surface. A firm surface helps support your spine.

  • Type of Cushion

There are many types of pillows available in the marketplace to help you relieve sciatica. Some of them are wedge cushions, inflated cushions, heated cushions, and memory foam cushions. You should consider all the types and choose what suits your body the best.

The sciatic pillows of cushions help you in the following ways:

  • Relieves pain

Sitting for a long time with sciatica puts pressure on an already strained tailbone and sciatic nerve that exacerbates the situation. The pillows help in redistributing the pressure, and their ergonomic design gives you comfort.

  • Portable

The best thing about these Best Seat Cushions you can trust is that they are portable. You can take them anywhere, like to offices and while driving. And feel a pain-free sitting experience.

While buying a sciatica pillow for sitting, consider the size of the cushion according to the seating surface, your body weight, and height. Now that you know the benefits buy a sciatic pillow whose dimensions are suitable for you.