Suitable gifts in a balloon for every occasion

Each stuffer balloon is lovingly handcrafted with various original and decorative gifts and then filled with air using a special device.  The balloon will keep its shape for several weeks and will bring joy to those you surprise with it for at least as long. Even if the balloon itself is not floating, as a gift it will make your loved ones take off with joy. The balloons delivery singapore are filled with sweet gifts are designed to suit different occasions.


The “Happy Birthday” stuffer balloon brings birthday wishes with a cuddly teddy bear and lots of streamers and balloons.

Romantic gifts in a balloon

On behalf of love, the online shop have four different balloon variants on offer for you! How about a rose A real rose, prepared to last for several years. Nestled in red and white balloons, loops and air beating. Your sweetheart will be delighted!

For birth

Would you like to congratulate the new parents on the birth of their baby? They also have matching stuffer balloons for this. Filled with pink or blue balloons and a cute romper suit not only bring great joy to the baby, but especially to the parents.

A magical unicorn balloon

A unicorn balloon should not be missing either. With colorful balloons and a cute plush unicorn, he delights children and unicorn fans at the same time!

Simply order gifts in a balloon online

The gifts in balloons are the creative and original gift idea with which you can provide an extraordinary surprise for any occasion. The long durability and the attractive appearance make it the ideal decoration. Simply order online at the desired date and they will make sure that your gift is securely packaged and arrives on time.