What You Need to Know About Beaker Bongs

Beaker Bongs

When you think of buying a bong, you get to see different types of bongs based on their size, height, shape, etc. Even if we talk about Beaker Bongs, there is a wide collection available for you to pursue. You will find basic and complex bongs in the market and online stores. The base of a beaker bong is what makes it different from a straight tube bong. People who believe the bigger the better will love the base of the beaker bong. This article discusses some things you should know about a beaker bong.

Why should you buy a beaker bong?

  • Smoke filtration is the best feature of every bong and a beaker bong offers additional smoke filtration. This is because the base of the bong is wide so it increases the surface area of the water which results in deeper cleaning up of the smoke.
  • Another advantage of a beaker bong is that to add extra filtration to your smoking experience, you can add percolators to these bongs. There are a few types of percs that can’t be fit inside a straight tube bong, but a beaker bong can easily fit all types of percs inside it.

Beaker Bongs

  • These bongs come in innovative and unique designs, so you will enjoy a variety of creative design bongs. It is because the surface area in these bongs is more, so there is more room for creativity.
  • These classic water pipe bongs are sturdy, and they have a wide bottom which allows them to hold more smoke in the base.
  • These bongs offer larger and grander hits and increased stability. It is essential for people with pets in their house as the bong will not fall off the table.

Overall, the whole filtration process of the bong is very smooth, and it enables the smoker to enjoy a cool smoke. You can buy these bongs online as online stores deliver quality craftsmanship in their wide selection of cool bongs.

Every smoker who smokes cannabis is aware of the term bong, and using a bong that offers a smooth and well-filtered smoking experience is necessary. A beaker bong offers such an ultimate smoking experience that the smokers will not be able to stop themselves from coming back. When you will see varieties in a beaker bong, you will be amazed to see many different styles within this particular bong category. There are both expensive and cheap bongs. You can buy any of them based on your personal preferences.