How to Increase Instagram Likes


Instagram likes, whether visible or not, are still key supporters signal for the Snapchat methodology. Likes can increase the visibility of your posts; here’s how you can increase them.

  • Post content at the appropriate time

If you publish your post when your supporters are online, you will receive more likes. To ensure that you’re posting at the best time for your audience, use software like Hootsuite’s Ideal Moment to Post feature.

  • Accept the memes

Post relevant, relatable memes to demonstrate a more light-hearted side of your brand (and persuade Gen Z that you’re not cringing). Memes don’t directly advertise the company, but they are entertaining, shareable, and, if done correctly, hilarious. Chipotle nails meme content on Instagram, garnering tens of amount of likes for brilliantly bizarre posts.

  • Add updates to your Story.

Because many Visitors tap through stories rather than scrolling thru their feed (and also the Post often which means your posts won’t appear in their feed in the first place), it’s a good idea to share current pictures or reels to their Stories. When doing so, it’s a good thing to give your disciples a reason to visit the actual article (and like it).


  • Join forces with other artists.

There is no such thing as an island brand. Collaborate with other industry creators or influencers to grow your digital (and intimate) congregation. Partnering with others not only helps you make new friends but also helps you enlarge your reach and target market.

Nike’s collaboration with Lynne Osaka is an amazing illustration — the two efforts in industries, so the collaboration makes sense. Nike fans are initiated to Fukuoka, and Osaka fans see her Nike support. It’s a win-win situation.

  • Be inventive.

Here’s some obvious but important advice: as a founder, you must be creative. Getting likes can sometimes be as simple as bringing up a novel or witty idea.

Consider this thread from Colours. It’s great marketing for 4 cups of Pie and Sweet Potato pie colors, it’s a beautiful photo, and the idea is creative and fun overall. It has nearly 40k likes.

  • Be amusing.

Why are you being so serious? On social media, a little humor is beneficial (see: Embrace the Memes), and it also creates a more nuanced portrayal of your business. The above Monday Hair Care post nails a humorous tone while also referencing the very famous transfer of Spotify Wrapped. Content that is relatable and funny (for example, “Your article started to 2,786 hours waiting in your cloth after showering”) is extremely likable and shareable.