Things that a highly recommended Feng Shui master recommends

highly recommended feng shui master

Fengshui is an art and science of china, that dates back thousands of years. This method tells us, how to harmonize the energy of any location. This has to do with recognizing and enhancing positive energy flows. Fengshui emphasizes awareness of one’s surroundings and directions. This will assist you in encouraging positive energy flow to your health. Interior design or the placement of lucky items are not part of the Fengshui idea. This is about situating and organizing your home in such a way that positive energies are activated and trapped.

Things that a highly recommended Feng Shui master recommends

Feng Shui considers the Laughing Buddha to be very lucky. Keep his idol facing right in the drawing-room so that it is the first thing you see when you enter the house. It is said to bring good fortune to the home.

Feng Shui measures should also be used in the dining room. In Feng Shui, a circular dining table is considered lucky, so bring one into the house, but make sure the number of chairs attached to the table is even.

Hanging coins on the house’s door handle is an excellent technique to attract money and good fortune. Hang three old Feng Shui coins on the door doorknob with crimson thread or ribbon. This is beneficial to everyone in the house. Make sure the coins are hanging on the inside of the door rather than the outside.


These are the things you’ll need if you’re applying Feng Shui to your home; if you want to learn more, go to Adelina Pang’s page; she’s one of Singapore’s most highly recommended feng shui master, having been active and recognized in the field since 1995.