Everything you need to know about purple weed

If you are a weed enthusiast, then you might aware of the different weed strains and colors. There are different types of weed products that you could find on the market. Also, these days you could find a lot of information about weed on the internet. Before using any new weed strain, it is good to learn about them. You could find a lot of interesting information on the internet that includes why is some weed purple. If you are curious to know about this strain, then read below to find some interesting information about purple weed.

Purple weed is aesthetically appealing and many would prefer to use it when they see the weed color. Many consider the color of the weed is due to the terpene content which is responsible for aroma and colors. But this is not the case with the purple weed. Also, there are a lot of myths about the purple weed. Some would say it is due to freezing or dying. The purple color is natural and there is not any other external that can change the color of the weed.

What makes weed strain purple?

The main reason that weed turns into the purple color is due to the Anthocyanins that is a substance known to be the flavonoids. They are found in various plants, fruits, vegetables, and also in cannabinoids. The vibrant color of the weed depends on the anthocyanins which are responsible for giving the blue color to the weed. If you are looking to choose the weed with the lower THC levels, then you can consider choosing the purple weed. When it comes to potency and medicinal benefits it is the same as other strain types.

There are also other reasons why is some weed purple is due to the cold temperature. Also, the pH levels would affect the color of the weed. The pH levels in the plant can change into different colors that include red, blue, or purple. The neutral pH level is the reason for the weed in the purple color. Hence, the above are a few things about the purple weed.