How To Find Best Treatment for Autism Singapore

Autism is a neurological developmental condition characterized by difficulties in several areas including social communication, lip difficulties, expression and comprehension, repetitive play patterns, limited areas of interest, difficulties in adapting to changes, and sensory regulation.

The term autism spectrum refers to the above sequence of difficulties. No two people with autism are identical to each other. Some people on the autism spectrum will be able to live independent lives, while others will always need help and support. Autism affects how people connect with other people.

The way they understand the environment so that the world is often a confusing place for them. People with autism may have difficulty functioning in areas of life depending on their age (play, school, work) and therefore the intervention of the occupational therapy profession is necessary.

Role of an occupational therapist in the treatment of autism

Assessment of abilities and difficulties that enable or impair functioning and participation in daily life. Assessment for autism singapore is done using formal diagnostic tools alongside interviews, questionnaires, and observation Assessment of fine and gross motor functions, functional balance, coordination, evaluation of sensory regulation, evaluation of achievements in the field of play (for the young age), learning (for the adult age), and work (for the elderly age), assessing the ability to identify and find areas of interest for leisure time.

Occupational Therapy:
The overarching goal of Occupational Therapy is to promote independent and active participation in daily life by:

Improving acting skills
Improving graphic skills such as drawing and writing
Fine motor skills such as cutting
Independence in daily activities such as wearing, eating

Each occupational therapy will be customized to the patient, the abilities and difficulties presents concerning their unique sensory profile.