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If you’re thinking of becoming a jeweler because you believe it’s an immensely wealthy job and nothing else. You might be throwing yourself in a load of trouble. Jewelers do involve working with precious stones and diamonds; it’s not all shine and sparkle. A jeweler mainly deals in necklaces, engagement rings, and bracelets, made of precious stones like rubies, emeralds, etc. or metal like gold, the price of each jeweler’s products differ from each jeweler to jeweler depending upon the quality of stones and metal they use and where they are sourced from. Some jewelers also sell fake jewelry that looks exactly like the real one, and the difference between the two is tough to tell, especially by an untrained eye. This is a boon and a curse since jewelers who sell fake jewelry ethically announce it, and people who cannot afford real gold or diamonds can buy from them.

The job of a jeweler

A jeweler’s job, contrary to popular belief, is hardly monotonous. It’s full of various aspects and specializations. An aspiring jeweler must first and foremost decide upon the price range they wish to offer in their stores. This is a crucial step since jewelry is of many different kinds is available in the market, and one jeweler cannot sell all varieties single-handed. Bridal jewelry and engagement rings cost significantly more. They do not be in recurring business; however, when it does, the profits are abnormally large enough to sustain the jeweler’s family for a long time. Whereas everyday jewelry is light and easy to wear due to lesser stones and metals, it costs less, meaning lesser profits, although it brings in recurring business. They are becoming a jeweler and ensuring that only high-quality, honest jeweler is sold to your customers. Going through the hallmark certification to prove the standard of jewelry is a task.

People today wish to blindly hop on any profession if they see someone thriving in it already. While it is true that a jeweler’s job may make a man wealthy, in other unfortunate circumstances, it may also leave someone bankrupt, and the latter happens significantly more than the former.